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Jig & Fixture Elements


Elesa+Ganter are the world leaders in Standard Machine Elements. A joint venture company offering the best of Elesa's (Monza, Italy) plastic products and Ganter Norm's (Furtwangen, Germany) metal products, offering a product range of around 70 000 parts.

From Index Plungers, Clamping Levers, Knobs and Hinges to Sight Level Indicators, Handwheels and Revolving Handles, the E+G range covers them all.

If it is QUALITY finishes you are looking for, to finish off your project, look no further than E+G

Contact our sales team to arrange your copy of the E+G Catalogue. 


Halder a large variety of high-quality Work Holding Systems, Standard Parts, Hand Tools and Aviation Products.

From Collar Nuts and T-Nuts to Spring Plungers, Simplex Mallets and Axes as well as a huge range of Flight Ball Lock Pins as well as Detent pins, Halders range will certainly be able to solve your Jig and Fixture problems.  

Contact our sales team to arrange your copy of the Halder Catalogue. 

ok vise.jpg

OK-VISE®  is a well-recognized international trademark, best known as an original inventor and manufacturer of the wedge-operated low-profile clamps.


Today their Fixturing Concept includes several systems, which enable customers to build fixturing with ease never previously experienced.

OK-VISE® products are used in workholding, especially in fixtures used in machining centers and milling machines.


With OK-VISE components a variety of workpiece types, sizes and materials can be securely held on all possible workholding platforms

Additional Suppliers:


The World of "Tooling Aids" is a mix of various manufactures of certain components buying and selling each others components in their respective catalogues.

Elliott & Small will in ALL cases try and solve your needs using the E+G or Halder range of products, however over the last forty years we have established relations with various other suppliers around the world.


Below is a list of additional suppliers we can deal with, thus offering you the widest range of Standard Machine Accessories / Tooling Aids in the country.


WDS Components:

A manufacturer and supplier of standard machine elements, jig and fixture elements, industrial automation and Spencer Franklin hydraulic systems.

Norelem Germany:

A manufacturer and supplier of standard machine elements, with links to other brand names such as KIPP and NovoNox

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