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Cutting Tools

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ZPS are a Major European manufacturer and distributor of professional metalworking tools and supply Elliott & Small with their range of HSSCo Milling Cutters, Slitting Saws, Side & Face, Convex + Concave cutters, not to mention their Drills and Module Gear Cutters.


Ferg S.L Supply all of Elliott & Smalls Threading Taps, from Spiral Point & Spiral Flute, in metric course and fine as well as imperial thread forms.

The general purpose tap will do most jobs but included in the range are taps for Stainless Steel, Tool Steel as well a specialty taps for hard or exotic materials.

Ferg Taps are made in Spain. 

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Johs-BossHave a large range of high performance thread cutting dies, a core product range in their line up with over 100 years experience.


JBO is the leading European manufacturer of thread cutting dies, with unsurpassed surface finish of thread flanks and cutting edges and more than 10,000 sizes and types of dies kept in stock for all kinds of threads ranging from 1 to 250 mm diameter

JBO can supply HSS, HSSE or carbide thread cutting dies, matched to the particular workpiece material and application in each case

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Magaforwas founded in 1937 in Paris, France with the aim of producing precision cutting tools, focusing on centre drills. Today Magafor are the world leaders in centre drill production. 

Along with a wide range of specialised cutters in both HSS.Co and solid carbide including micro end mills from 0.05mm, reamers from 0.2mm, Multi-V tools, Bi-face cutters, radius form cutters  and many more..

Magafor is able to offer specials, by modifying and adapting standard tools, thus short lead times apply.


Integi, manufacture a range of quality Knurling Wheels and Knurling Tools for both pressure / form knurling and cut type knurling.


Integi also manufacture a range of Rotary Broaching Heads and Broaches.


All Integi products are made in Spain. 


IMCOs'Mission is not only higher productivity, it’s their mantra, and is part of everything that they do. Applying advanced technologies in new ways, fine-tuning tool geometries, and testing new cutting methods are just some of the ways that IMCO are developing solutions for today’s machining needs.

IMCO offer a general purpose range of Solid Carbide cutting tools but have a range of specially designed cutting tools for specific materials, thus offering superior performance for those applications.

IMCO Tools are made in the USA.

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Accu-Trak was founded in 1985 in Massachusetts USA, specialising in the manufacture of standard and special knurling wheels and holders for both pressure / form knurling and cut type knurling.

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Polledri, founded in 1963, have great experience in the manufacture of interchangeable cutters and tools like,
interchangeable system, back spotfacing cutters,and countersinks.

Polledri cutting tools are made in Italy.

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