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INSIZE Precision Measuring Tools, a fully comprehensive range of measuring equipment from feeler gauges and engineers squares to vernier calipers, micrometers and dial indicators, all the way up to CNC Video measuring machines and everything in between.

INSIZE Precision Measuring Tools fit the South African market perfectly offering QUALITY products at very competitive prices.


Mahr Precision Measuring Hand Tools offer sector leading German quality hand measuring tools, that being vernier calipers, micrometers, dial and dial test indicators.

Elliott & Small only offer the small hand tool range from Mahr Germany and USA.

Ultralogo 1.jpg

Ultra-Precision Germanyoffer a wide range of precision measuring tools and comparator gauge setting tools. Ultra also offer a wide selection of large vernier calipers made of carbon fiber

Ultra are the German agents for a number of high quality precision measuring tools. .

kafer logo 1.jpg

Kaeferoffer a wide range of dial indicators and Dial Test Indicators, all made in Germany. Included in the range are precision dial thickness gauges as well as saw setting gauges.

schwenk logo 1.jpg

Schwenk, Founded in 1921, manufacture high-class precision measuring instruments, innovative, thought-out and of the highest quality.


Schwenk specialise in 2 point bore measuring, setting the standard for quality and precision with the SUBITO range of dial bore gauging systems.

All Schwenk gauges are made in Germany

pi tape logo.gif

PI TAPE®is the world leader in specialized precision measuring tape solutions for unique applications, measuring diameters by using the circumference of the part.


Firms such as General Atomic, NASA, Lockheed, Rocketdyne, Ryan, Solar, Rohr, Convair, General Dynamics, Boeing and Martin Marietta all relied on Pi Tape® instruments to advance their projects.

Made in Texas USA

Rubert logo 1.jpg

Rubertare world leaders in the design and manufacture of surface texture specimens and calibration standards, they are UKAS accredited and their  factory and head office is located in beautiful surroundings in Cheadle near Manchester, in the UK. 

SINPO Metrology.jpg

Sinpospecialize in high precision optical measurement instruments, with over 50 years experience.


Elliott & Small keep the Sinpo JT12A-B profile Projector in stock, offering a budget friendly good quality projector, with a basic function DRO. 

kroeplin Logo.jpg

Kroeplinoffer a wide range of internal and external thickness calipers with different anvil and measuring leg length options, all made in Germany. 

kordt logo 1.jpg

Kordtmanufacture a range of precision, robust measuring equipment, designed for workshop use. All Kordt measuring equipment is manufactured in their German factory.

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