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Nuova Ret is an Italian manufacturer with specialized production of standard and customized components for the molds and dies industry, founded in 1964 and based on the outskirts of Milan.

Nuova Ret supply Elliott & Small a range of Piercing Punches and Drill Bushes in short, long, headed and headless options.

We keep most sizes and lengths in stock, NOT just the popular ones!


Halder soft-face mallets and forestry tools have been the epitome of smart solutions and supreme “Made in Germany” material quality.

The product range includes these main groups:

The success story of Erwin Halder KG began more than 80 years ago with the company's founding product, the SIMPLEX soft-face mallet. Today, Halder ranks among the leading manufacturers of workholding systems, standard parts, hand tools, and aviation products.

Along with numerous versions of the SIMPLEX soft-face mallets, the product range of hand tools now includes SUPERCRAFT non-rebound mallets, as well as forestry tools.  

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