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Thread Gauges

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JBO Precision Plug and Ring Thread Gauges are manufactured in Albstadt Germany, made with optimum surface finish and high hardness of thread flanks result in outstanding resistance to wear and long gauge life, as well as repeated tempering after the annealing process guarantees high form stability and dimensional stability. Quality measuring tools

JBO are market leaders with exceptional stock holding and variety of thread sizes, covering all kinds of thread forms in metric and imperial, from 0.5 - 300 mm diameter

The MultiCheck from JBO offers a range of precision GO / NOGO plug gauges that can measure the thread depth at the same time as checking the thread, available with analogue and digital readouts for the depth measurement, saving the operator time and the company money.

Plain Gauges

YPG logo 1.png

Yorkshire Precision Gauges is a family owned company founded in Hatfield, Doncater, England in 1951.

Manufacturers of Plain Pin / Plug & Ring Gauges as well as Adjustable Snap Gauges in form A / C / U.

Elliott & Small keep a range of adjustable snap gauges in stock and all pin / plug gauges are special order and made to your specification

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