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Elliott & Small was established over 40 years ago, focusing mainly on the supply of measuring tools. Over the years the core business has remained the same but we have expanded and diversified somewhat.

Elliott & Small are the official South African agents for INSIZE Measuring Equipment and Elesa-Ganter Standard Machine Elements, both are market leaders in their respective fields.

Over the years we have built up a vast contact list of suppliers from around the world with our focus being on quality, to name a few of these suppliers, Johs Boss in Germany are world leaders in Thread Gauge manufacturing, as well as Thread Milling and Thread Dies. Halder is also a German supplier of Jig and Fixture elements, Ball lock pins (Flight pins) as well as the Simplex Mallets and Sling Swivels.

We really do cover the globe when sourcing good quality affordable products with suppliers from Germany, China, UK, France, Spain, USA, Italy, Taiwan, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

With these contacts we may be able to help find what you are looking for, after all we have been called

“The Booth of Solutions to those problems you never knew you had”

Give us a try.

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