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Elliott & Small

measuring tool set.jpg

Precision Measuring Tools

Standard Machine Tool and jig and fixtur

Thread & Plain Plug and Ring Gauges

Handles, Levers, Knobs, Collar Nuts, T-Nuts, Index Plungers, etc

cutting tools.jpg

HSS.Co + Solid TC Milling Cutters, Slitting Saws, Knurling Tools, Reamers, Drills, etc

Hydraulic vice 1.jpg

Drill Bushes, Piercing Punches, Mallets and Axes

Hydraulic Machine Vices, Clamping Kits, Coolant Hoses, etc

"An Importer & Distributor of QUALITY measuring tools, standard machine elements, gauges, cutting tools and machine tool accessories, at competitive prices with personal service"

Est: 1977

About us?

Elliott & Small was established over 40 years ago, focusing mainly on the supply of measuring tools. Over the years the core business has remained the same but we have expanded and diversified somewhat.

Elliott & Small are the official South African agents for INSIZE Measuring Equipment and Elesa-Ganter Standard Machine Elements, both are market leaders in their respective fields.

Over the years we have built up a vast contact list of suppliers from around the world with our focus being on supplying quality products at reasonable prices.

We really do cover the globe when sourcing good quality  products with suppliers in Germany, China, UK, France, Spain, USA, Italy, Taiwan, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

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