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SIMPLEX splitting axe TOP SELLER at Huntex 2018

Splitting axe and soft-face mallet in one, axe blade drop-forged and hardened, ground and polished, solid handle-protection sleeve, insert made of superplastic, KWF-certificated, all parts are replaceable

Hand Axe - TOP SELLER at Huntex

High-quality hand axe, seamlessly forged from a single piece and finely honed on all sides. Blade ground to exceptional sharpness and heat-treated with care. Including hand-made leather handle and leather belt bag.

For splitting smaller logs of wood and kindling as well as a useful outdoor tool for campers, hungers, off-roaders, etc.

A “must-have” for all outdoor and recreational activities!

Supercraft non-rebound mallets

SUPERCRAFT mallets with vibration-reducing, ergonomic and varnished Hickory handle

EH 3366

SUPERCRAFT mallets with break-proof steel tube handle, yellow fluorescent coated and ergonomic, anti-slip grip

EH 3377


Sometimes round just doesn't work...

Secural has a 30x40mm rectagular face.

Available now at only R600.20 excl.


The Elesa standard in your favourite color

GN 300 Series - Adjustable/Indexable Clamping Levers

Adjustable / Indexable Clamping Levers, GN 300 Series, are ideal whenever parts have to be clamped in a confined space, in a particular lever position or simply adjusted on a regular basis.

Insize Video Measuring Machine

Video measuring is a fast and reliable non-contact measuring system especially useful when the
need to measure small components accuracy is required. For more information on this product please select button below.

Elesa Direct Drive Electronic Position Indicators

Used on passing through shafts in any position to provide the reading of absolute or incremental positioning of a machine component.

Halder Spring Plungers

Halder Norm +Technik. We stock a large variety of spring plungers for all your requirements.

Knurling Technology

Integi - Form and Cut Knurling tools available

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